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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ten Random Things

 1.  Today is a warm and beautifully breezy Sunday in my little world.  THGGM is outside.  I have been catching up on some reading and also playing the piano.  I do like doing that.  I've got enough music now that I can easily match my mood to the music I play.  Today it's been mostly hymns, and What a Wonderful World.  I'll probably go back to it soon.  This time I think I shall play the theme song to the Andy Griffith Show.  Even though I am not likely ever to saunter down to a fishing hole I can and do whistle.  Not well mind you, but I do it anyway.

 2.  THGGM and I were just trying to decide if we wanted to go anywhere today.  I think we came to the conclusion that we would stay home.  He has presently left to do the grocery shopping.  We are a match made in Heaven, I tell you.

 3.  One option was to head to the lake shore, but since I loath crowds and traffic, I think we shall hold off until a week night.  Saturday we drove to Holland State Park with the sleep-over crew to watch the sun set, and the blue moon rise.  Oh, and to get ice cream.  But we got caught by the looongest train ever and missed the sunset by just a few short minutes.  Of course, this meant that EVERYONE and their 20 closest friends were leaving the park.  Twilight, traffic, families walking, bikers, and dogs isn't a relaxing mix for me.  After we finally got out of that mess (although a beautiful mess) one child was sound asleep, one didn't feel well, one had headphones on which meant LOUD questions were being asked, and one was as charming as ever. we went in search of an ice cream shop what didn't look as if it was trying to win some sort of Guinness Book of World Records prize for customers in the longest line wrapped around the building.  We ended up at a McDonald's Drive-thru.  It was still good.

 4.  I do have to tell you that the blue moon was gorgeous as it reflected on the waters of Lake Macatawa.  And, we certainly did get a good loooong look at it, being stuck in traffic and all that.  It was worth it all just to see the moon.  For me anyway.  The loud talking boy wearing the headphones kept interrupting the ambiance by shouting WHAT ARE WE DOING?  WHEN ARE WE GETTING ICE CREAM?  WHY ARE WE HERE?  Although, when we did finally get the ice cream and settled in for the drive home we enjoyed having the full moon follows us. As we pulled off the highway, a voice from the backseat said "This was REALLY fun!"  So, even though it did not turn out exactly how we had hoped, they all agreed and admitted to enjoying the trip ever so much.

 5.  Did you have neighbors to play with when you were a kid?  I remember playing with neighbor kids all summer long.  The grand kids don't have that.  At least not yet.  But we have a family in our neighborhood with five kids from 10 - 2, with another on the way, that the oldest four grand kids enjoy playing with.  Saturday morning I was quite sure that after breakfast and our traditional stops they would want to play in the pool for the rest of the day.  But, no.  They'd much prefer to ride bikes and play on all the wheely bits with our neighbor kids.  This meant that THGGM got to float all day in the pool on his raft.  I kept checking on everyone and they all seemed supremely happy - even THGGM.

 6.  The Saturday shopping stops were nice too!  I found a couple of useful things, and the grand kids each found an article of clothing.  And at Michael's, where they were each given a small spending allowance the cashier hauled out a 40% off the entire purchase coupon and used it on us!  All I bought was a Pumpkin Orange Prisma colored pencil, but, had I KNOWN she was going to do that...

 7.  For the past several weeks every time I'm in Micheal's it is looking more and more like fall.  I do not mind that, as fall is my most favorite season.  But, I am going to be sad to see half of the grand kids go back to school.  I say this now.., there is still one more month to go.., ask me then...

 8.  Do I really have the time to sit and type out boring random thoughts?  No.  I do not.  But I am at that point where so many things are beginning to fall apart that sometimes its just better if I sit around not thinking about it.  Like, the belt is off my vacuum.  This never used to be a problem for me, as popping belts back on vacuums was often a daily occurrence.  But on our latest vacuum, I just cannot do it!  Ugh.  So, I sit and watch the whirling dervishes of recently trimmed dog fur dance around whenever I walk through the house.  Oh.  And there is what I believe to be a frozen blueberry stuck in the drain of the freezer, which means water is leaking out at odd intervals and rolling, rolling like a river through the kitchen.  Also, the backyard has begun to look like a Mid Summer's Nightmare.  Other than all that, things are going well here.

 9.  A new Tangers Outlet mall opened somewhat near us this weekend.  Daughter and her mother-in-law ventured out on the opening day.  From what I saw on the news it looked like a miserable mess and I could not imagine how ANYONE would want to go there.  They wanted to see Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers on HGTV, so they did!  My thought was that I'd rather have a root canal, or a baby even, but Daughter LOVES doing that kind of thing.  I worried through the entire noon news show every time they showed those teeming crowds of shoppers.  But, they had NO TROUBLE AT ALL.  No traffic, as they took a back road in, no trouble parking, as they found side street parking right away, and they were near the front and could see the Property Brothers quite well.  Good for them.  I was happy staying at home doing what I do best, worrying about people who enjoy going places and doing things...

10.  Well now.  THGGM is back from grocery shopping.  Now it is my turn to put things away.  Hmm  What to make for dinner.  Something with sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, peppers, mushrooms...

Saturday, August 01, 2015

She Is Having the Time of Her Life

 They are growing up so quickly!  How DOES this happen?
 We had a sleep-over with these kids this weekend.  Such fun!

Linens On the Line

Just some laundry on the line on a windy Saturday.  For some odd reason that I could never explain, I love this picture.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Metro Health 5K

Oldest Son and Daughter ran a 5K tonight!

And look!

They are still smiling at the end of it!

I am so happy that they do this.

My favorite thing to do is sit.

Wednesday Fun

Is anyone else having trouble believing that it is the end of July already?
Yesterday morning it was very muggy and looked as if it would rain.
So most of us sat around the table with a few simple supplies and proceeded to draw.
All but Feintsje.  He was happily putting together puzzles on the floor.
These are Jonge's drawing of a Sandra Boynton bird.

Kado's favorite bird is the upside down chick in Sandra Boynton's book Barnyard Dance.

And, an array of dinosaurs he drew, with a bit of inspiration from Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs!
An artist at work.
I made bookmarks.

By now I must have as many bookmarks as I have books to put them in.

I'm very much okay with that!
Famke made a book about dogs and cats.

She enjoyed cutting out her creations.

But it never did rain, so it was back outside into the mugginess.

Jonge made a "train" out of his bike, a wagon, and a jump rope.

This kept everyone busy for HOURS.

Until the chain fell off.

Then it was into the pool.

Still another month of summer.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Storyteller

Today Hertsje put on a finger puppet show for me using the Fisher Price Little People of yore.
It was a fast paced show with much action.
The show progressed into a toe puppet show.
 Toe puppets are much harder to work with.
 They tend to fall off if there is any action at all.

This girl is a natural story teller.

Saturday Thrift Store Find

This is the BACK of a cute little pine table we found at the thrift store on Saturday.
Notice the dove-tailing at both the drawer front AND back.
Square nails!

Certainly, one can NEVER have too many little pine tables.

It was SUCH a deal, AND we had a FULL 20% off punch card to use!

There it stood, among more modern painted pieces selling for twice the amount.

It does looks at home here, doesn't it?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot Monday

For the record (because we have established that there IS one), this is the first day of summer that I have turned on the TV for these guys.  This was after hours of playing outside riding bikes, scooters, skate boards, playing catch, playing with the neighbors in their backyard, AND playing in the pool.  It's hot.  It wore them out.  Before they could even ask I suggested they watch Monsters University.

And so, because it is Monday, Famke and I made things!

More From Grant

Just a few pictures I took.

We left just as the sun was beginning to set.

Fun Times

Picnic in the Trees

Saturday we drove up north to Grant to have a picnic dinner at my sister and brother-in-law's lovely home.

Whenever we eat on the deck, it feels to me like we are picnicking in a tree house.
Our menu consisted of potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and corn on the cob.
And it was ALL good!
My brother-in-law grilled pork steaks.

The boys had hot dogs.
 Feintsje demonstrates the proper eating of a hot dog.
 THAT'S how it's done.
Does that not look like we are picnicking in a tree house?

It does to me!

Daughter made caramel brownies.

They are soooo good!

Of course, I took over 250 pictures.

So, there WILL be more.

But this surprises no one.