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Here you will find scattered pictures from my point and shoot camera, random thoughts from my little world, treasured memories of days gone by, hopeful dreams of the days yet to come, and a bunch of ideas - because I've always got ideas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Broeder's Very Own Christmas Ornament

 Today Broeder spent quite a bit of time taking his picture ornament off the tree, then putting it back on oh so very carefully.  Over and over again.

 As you can see, it wore him out!  I cannot even remember the last time I held him when he fell asleep.
 I only had to put him down while Hertsje used the potty.

While he slept, Hertsje was playing with a slew of little toys.  From what I could tell, most of these were her "sisters".  I told her I had two sisters, but that I didn't have any brothers.  She looked at Broeder, and then she looked at me and said sweetly, "You can keep him if you want to."

Could You Say No To This Face?

Well, on Monday, I did.

Hertsje wanted to play with the birds on my bird Christmas tree.

I said no.

She said PLEASE!

I still said no.
Then I laid in bed last night and could not sleep.  I kept wondering why in the world I would not let this adorable little girl play with the birds on my Christmas tree.

Childhood goes by so quickly.  And it was not an unreasonable request.  She and Feintsje had a great time playing with them on Friday, when they took them off without even asking.

Today she never even asked to play with the birds.  But if she asks tomorrow, I am going to say yes!

There are so many things to say no about, that I am going to strive to say yes to whatever I can.

Because someday this time in her life is going to be over, and I'd hate to think that some night she will lie awake at night wondering why Beppe would not let her play with the birds.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Oldest Son

 Oldest Son had the day of from work.  He spent the afternoon playing with us!
 Everybody loved playing Lego with him.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Program

 This was Kado and Feintsje's first Christmas program EVER.  I have a video of them singing, but I cannot seem to get it to upload.  I'll keep trying though, as they were adorable!

Jonge and Famke were both in the center of their group, so I could get a picture of the two of them.  But this was the only picture I could get.  Jonge also was a shepherd and Famke an angel, but I couldn't get clear shots of their faces. I LOVE children's Christmas programs!

My Kind of Doll House

This cabinet sits in a corner of our living room.

The top shelf holds four Avon figurines that were gifts many long years ago.  I usually had them on shelves in our den, but this year, I got an idea.

In the past, the skaters and snowmen were on a buffet or dresser top.  I thought that might be too much for Broeder to resist so behind glass doors they go, where he can still SEE them, but cannot quite get at them.

And that family on the bottom shelf?  Some years I never even took them out of their boxes.  Now they have a place of their own.  I even added a couple of mirrors to reflect the light around.  I also gave them a buffet complete with a crochet table cloth and blue and white tea set.  And they have rugs!  A braided rug and a wool tapestry.  There were even more things, but who knew?  I scaled it back!

And thanks to the Ikea candles to which I added rechargeable batteries, I can keep it lit up.  I also added a string of battery operated lights to the top shelf, but I still need two C batteries for that.

I'll be tweaking this until the day I put it all away. But that's what I do - I tweak!  And I get ideas.  This was one of them.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Gift Basket Exchange

 This has become a favorite St. Nicholas Eve tradition!
 I believe this is our third year of doing this.

We exchange baskets filled with all those Christmas-y things one can enjoy between now and Christmas day.

And we all put something in a basket for the children too!

Of course, they get candy in their basket, but I also have my wooden shoes filled with candy also.  

 Broeder was THRILLED with this ball that lights up!

There were also Christmas CDs. DVDs, and books to enjoy during the advent season.

Candles, and coffees, and soaps, and cute Christmas-y dishtowels.

 A good time was had by me.  And I think everyone else too!

St. Nicholas Eve Party and Gift Basket Exchange

 Dinner was White Chicken Chili and everything that goes with that.  For dessert we had Oreo Ice Cream Dessert with candy cane ice cream.
 But between dinner and dessert, there was some SERIOUS cookie decorating going on!

Kado decorated this cookie just for me.

And it was just as delicious as you would imagine it to be!

On Wednesday We Played Dress-Up

 Feintsje doesn't really want to be a fairy, but since someone else does, he is standing his ground.
 Broeder is incognito.  His daddy gave him a hair cut.  He looks like a big boy now.
Hertsje REALLY wants the fairy wings.  Because she is Tinkerbell.

I truly believe that I have the best life ever!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another Thrift Store Find

The figures of children still had their original store tag on them.  $11.00 a piece.  The thrift store had them marked  $6.00 each.  I've been watching them.  Since this is the ONLY place I shopped on black Friday, I was happy to find them marked down to $2.00 and then 20% off.  So, I brought them home, stood them on a thrift store platter and stuck a wire tree behind them.  

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Hertsje is just checking to see if her wings are still there!
Broeder is very enthralled with books that have little flaps to lift up.

After every lift of the flap he says "boo".  He seems so excited that they are STILL THERE every time he lifts them!

I have a lot of those books, and this particular one has a lot of little flaps.  That's a lot of boos!

Bits of Christmas Decor

This was a thrift find this weekend.  All Christmas decor was 20% off.  There really wasn't much left, but I found this Norman Rockwell figurine.  I have a few Norman Rockwell Santa plates from the 80's and a bunch of Mother's Day plates which have always reminded me of Mrs Claus.  So, I guess the den has a theme this year.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ten Random Thoughts

1.  I just wasn't sleepy last night.  So I uploaded to the Royal effects in PicMonkey.  I do so very much enjoy PicMonkey.  It allowed me to add a few cute little elves to the bunch.  Who doesn't need little elves to fill in the blank spaces?
2.  Yesterday I got a cell-phone.  I know.  It's 2014.  You may applaud, if you like.  Who knows?  In 2015 I might actually USE it!
3.  In November I read the book "Unbroken".  Now I am really excited to see the movie, which comes out this month.  It will probably be a year or two before I see it, like when it shows up on a random movie channel.  I really wanted to see "Lincoln" when that came out, and I just watched it last week.
4.  Our new WiFi provider is working out nicely.  THGGM and I can be on our computers at the same time AND also have our phones plugged in.  Technology is very nice, I have to admit that, but it is NOT easily available to all.  Seriously.
5.  When we did not have internet access, I was a much more peaceful person.  For some reason (INTJ?) I am DRIVEN to know what everybody thinks about everything, and it was very nice to only have to know what a few people thought a few times a day.  I also learned that thinking about things that you cannot do anything about isn't a good thing to do.
6.  Do you know what the BIGGEST downside of not having internet was?  ALL of my ideas and recipes were TRAPPED inside my computer!  Of course, you say, I could have gone somewhere to use their free WiFi.  Sure I could have, but I've READ ABOUT how easily it is to steal personal information from those free servers.  And, I do not have a car, so I would have had to carry my laptop across a very busy road to go to Russ' to find out how to make that thing I was craving.  Having to do that was enough to take away any cravings I might have had.  And, after all, I would have been at Russ' and would have just bought a SlimJim and called it good.  Because they ARE good (now i want a slimjim).
7.  I have begun my Christmas reading.  But I cannot find my favorite Christmas anthology!  I have found a large amount of other missing things while looking for it, which is a nice bonus, but still no book.
8.  Another mystery!  While we did not have WiFi, I was still able to get online on my Kindle and could actually ORDER books to read!  How is that possible???  I actually ordered a book I did not want, just because I didn't think it would work (doesn't everyone?).  Anyway.., I have no idea how this could have been possible to do, but I did it (quite often, actually...).
9.  Sometime soon I am going to get new flooring in my kitchen.  This is how I KNOW.  The flooring in the kitchen in this house, where we have lived for seven years now, and the flooring in our last home where we lived for 9 years, is/was the very same gold color floor that we had had in a different home we lived in for two years.  I can't say that I HATE it, as it does "go" and is obviously VERY durable. But then something (dishwasher?) was leaking, and it sounded squishy under there.  So, I asked THGGM to cut a chunk of it out to see what was happening under there.  What was happening was that the sub-flooring was warping.  And, no, there wasn't nice hard wood floors like everywhere else in this house.  So, as soon as we find out what was leaking, we shall have to have our floor repaired and new floor covering put in!  And who says that I never see the silver lining...  Oh, and as for the large hole in the flooring.., it doesn't show THAT much if one leaves the dishwasher door open.
10.  Oh, and one of the books that I ordered for my Kindle was "Stuff - Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things" which is a very good book.  And guess what kind of hoarder I am?  I am the kind that cannot get rid of things based on it's possible future potential.  I see potential in nearly everything. Sometimes I even do make it happen.  But mostly I like to have things on hand for it's potential possibilities. Case in point:  I bet I have over a hundred mini aluminum jello molds.  Because ONCE I saw a cool craft idea using them.  I've made a few.  Truly, I have.  But even I can see that a hundred mini jello molds is a bit obsessive.  And the thought of getting rid of even one of them makes me cranky (it isn't just houston who has a problem...).