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Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Week Thursday Evening

 After all that swimming and playing on the beach we went out for dinner, again at Shelde's, because we love it there, and now so do Jonge and Famke.  Next we headed up the Mission Peninsula.  And OF COURSE, a drive past my favorite chicken barn.  Isn't it just sooo cool?  I love it.
 Just a field or so down from the chicken barn is a cherry orchard.  When we were here in May it was full of blossoms.  This time, it was full of cherries!  I do not think we could have planned that if we had tried!
 Here we are, standing on the 45th parallel.  And this is the Old Mission Lighthouse.

 The beach at the end of the Mission Peninsula is quite similar to the beach at the end of the Leelanau Peninsula.

 Hmm.  It sort of looks as if the playground equipment was also built in 1870, but Jonge and Famke LOVED it.
 These are the treasures that Jonge found.  Famke found more acorns.
 I could have stayed here all night.  But, there was ice cream to be had in downtown Traverse City.  This time Famke did not get a cone.  I believe she was still full from last time.  But I did convince her to finish my cone for me.  And she obliged.

Last Week Thursday Morning and Afternoon

 Thursday began with swimming at the pool.

Then it was breakfast in our room.

One of us thought that eating breakfast in our room was the best thing EVER.

Then after breakfast it was time for the beach.
 The beach is lovely here.
 Of course, not being an "in the sun" sort of person I spent my time on the deck.  We even gave Pake some time alone on the beach in the afternoon, because being on the beach here is his favorite thing of all.

While Pake was on the beach we dug into the craft bin and did some watercolor paintings of the beach.

Oh, and ate Pake's saltwater taffy.  It's in their mouths in this picture.
 After Pake's beach time it was back to the pool!  And even MORE saltwater taffy.

 The pool here is very nice.  There was never anybody in it, which seems weird to me, as it wasn't crowded on the beach either.

 Both Jonge and Famke improved dramatically in their swimming abilities.  I had fun watching them!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Week Wednesday Night

 And after an extremely busy day we got to enjoy this, followed by well-deserved sleep!

Last Week Wednesday Evening

After another round of swimming we headed to downtown Traverse City for ice cream.

Pake got strawberry cheese cake.

I got butter pecan.

Jonge got cupcake.

Famke got cupcake.
Most of us finished our cones lickity split.
 Some of us needed to put on a jacket.
Some of us found pennies and quarters to use in the penny smashing machine.

And then some of us smashed those pennies.
 Some of us went shopping at my favorite gallery in downtown Traverse City.
 Some of us shopped at Peppercorn, the place where we bought our Moomer's ice cream cones.

And some of us took even more pictures of the smashed pennies.

 Some of us even took pictures of the bracelet we bought at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.

All while one of us still worked on finishing that cupcake ice cream cone!  But this someone is sooo worth waiting for, we didn't mind one bit.