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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Independence Day Breakfast

 July 4th Breakfast has been a tradition for YEARS.  It is one of my favorites!
 You would think these kids hadn't seen each other in weeks, instead of just one day!

 Breakfast was fabulous.  There was coffee cake, banana bread, yogurt with toppings, fruit salad, bacon, sausage, ham/broccoli quiche, and green chili quiche.

There was not Daughter-in-law1, as she is out of state.  We all missed her.

 We also got to celebrate Broeder's 2nd birthday, as he was out of town last weekend.
 Busy busy summer.  So much fun to be had.  After breakfasting and birthday-ing some went to the parade, and some played in the sprinkler/swimming pool.  I do believe that a good time was had by all.

On Thursday We Went to the ZOO

THGGM had the day off on Thursday.  On Wednesday I found out that Hertsje and Broeder's mommy had to go into work early.

Suddenly I got this idea (well, mostly the idea came from Famke) that we should go to the zoo!
And so we did!

Normally, I am anything BUT spontaneous,  but on Thursday morning it all worked out.
Daughter has a membership, and so for all nine of us it cost a mere $8.00, as THGGM and I went as her guests.

How cool is that?
Anyway.., Famke had spent the night with us so she could help us get the little cousins ready.  And because she loves to stay and we love to have her.
John Ball Zoo is a VERY nice zoo.  If you are ever in Grand Rapids, I highly recommend it.  
I'll post more pictures of our trip later.

Ha ha.  OF COURSE I will.

More All Star Game

And he makes the catch!

Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

THGGM is amazing.  He can French-braid hair!

Here he is doing Famke's hair early Thursday morning.
I could not French-braid hair.  I could never even make a ponytail come out straight.
After Famke's hair was finished, she asked Hertsje if she would like a ponytail.
Hertsje said, "Why of course I would!"
And they both lasted!

More From the All Star Game

 The All Star Team looked great with all the different colored uniforms.
 Our Number 10 isn't even in this one as he was getting ready to bat, but I just LOVE this picture.  Oh, and SEVEN does seem to be the number to have if you'd care to make the All Star Team!
 The color in these pictures looks amazing to me.  Color and baseball, what's not to love?

 Sigh.., I just LOVE that Number 10.

Nature Bracelets

Hmm.  Now I suppose that the packing tape isn't natural, but everything that we stuck to it is!
I forgot about making them in the spring, but since there is still nature all around us, we made them this week instead.
 Famke had a great time making hers, and helping her little cousins too.
She even found the most amazing teeny tiny blue flowers in some sort of weed in the grass.  
Is it weird that I find this SOOO fun to do?
I am sure I shall still be making these when the grand kids are all grown up.

Why should I stop?

This one even matches my shirt!

I don't know.  Doesn't it seem that by the age of 57 I would be used to being weird?

Maybe next year...

Anyway.  I think you ought to try this!

Last Tuesday

On Tuesday Jonge played in his first play-off game.

It was an intense game.

But right at the very end they pulled off a win!


 The sky was pretty intense also.  Another beautiful night at the baseball field.  It was even COLD.  Imagine that.  On July 1st.  But that's Michigan.

Friday, July 03, 2015

The Brother's Birthday Party!

Last Saturday was the PERFECT day to celebrate Kado's sixth birthday and Feintsje's fourth birthday!
Daughter and Son-in-law are excellent hosts, and have a great back yard that feels more like a park.
There was family, food, cake and ice cream, and PRESENTS!
The birthday boys did enjoy the presents!
They are blessed, and one can only hope that they never forget this as they grow-up.  
Charley had a good time too.

The birthday party boys even shared their new toys with each other.  
And there were games!
Kado, such a gift.  As is Feintsje.
Everybody got into the fun.  Even the big kids.

Monday, June 29, 2015

All Star Game Night


The All Star Game was exciting!

After nine innings it ending in a tie.

It was obvious that the players knew which team members to choose for this honor.

The final score was 16 - 16.

I love baseball.

And apple pie.

Not so much hot dogs.