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Here you will find scattered pictures from my point and shoot camera, random thoughts from my little world, treasured memories of days gone by, hopeful dreams of the days yet to come, and a bunch of ideas - because I've always got ideas!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Family Photo

Not that this will surprise anyone, but I took over 200 pictures.  Oh yes, I did!
Son-in-law took this picture on the first try.  He is amazing like that.  He also took one of all of us in the woods.  Again, he only took two, and again, the first one came out great.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday, You Were Good to Us!

 Saturday THGGM and I went to Robinette's to pick up donuts and cider.  What a gorgeous fall afternoon it was!  West Michigan is well arrayed with gorgeous Fall color.  I LOVE fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Cannot Think of a Title

 Yesterday Famke got sick at school, so spent the rest of the day resting at my house.  Thankfully, she felt much better as the day went on.  We played with puzzles, and Famke and I looked through the American Girl Doll holiday catalog while Feintsje played with his trucks.
I am very happy with the quality of the American Girl doll, but OH MY GOODNESS, I cannot imagine spending THAT kind of money on all those accessories.  I could not do that.  But, oh, how cool would it be to play with Kit's bed, typewriter, and roll top desk?  Although I do believe that I've seen old typewriters and even solid oak roll top desks that are regular size for about the same price.  Hmm.  Much to ponder here...

Monday, October 06, 2014

Reading Books

I found these two like this today.

Feintsje, "reading" books to Hertsje.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

My Antiques Market Find

This is the polka dot pig I found at the Allegan Antiques Market last week!  So far, she hasn't made it to the top shelf in the kitchen with all the other pigs, but soon she will.  This weekend THGGM is helping me get the kitchen back in order.  It's slow going.  Mostly because he wants to get rid of stuff. I'm a bit stressed.  Imagine that.

We Made Stuff On the Other Days Too

 I ordered a really cool set of rubber stamps on Ebay a few weeks ago.
 It's always so fun to find what I've been looking for there.

Feintsje had a great time playing with them.  But I'm finding that I stay with it for longer than he does.  So, I get out playdoh for him too.  And Lego.  But now that I don't have to keep Zeek out of the room, he tends to sit right in the middle of whatever Feintsje is doing.

On Monday We Made Things

We made things.

Feintsje does enjoy telling stories with the story rocks.

I made a few more.

Feintsje had some very good ideas for me.

Swings, a balloon (for birthdays), and a Christmas tree (because he is very excited for Christmas - imagine that).

I came up with a castle and a chicken.  He could not understand why I wanted a chicken.

 In the summer, on those days when I had all six kids, I would plan for things to do.

Mostly, they NEVER happened.

Although we had a nice time and I remember those summer days with great fondness, there were not many days that much of anything happened as I had planned.

So, imagine my delight when on Monday, by 9:30 am Feintsje and I had already done EVERYTHING I had planned for the day!

This meant we did a lot more things.

Including watercolor painting in the backyard.

Oh, I DO love my backyard.  Especially during these less humid days of Fall.

And of course, when my planned and spontaneous ideas were done, Feintsje continued to have fun playing trucks in the dirt pile.  The dirt pile seems to have become its own ecosystem, and also a graveyard for the plastic dinosaurs THGGM keeps running over with the lawnmower.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Allegan Antiques Market

 It was the last month for the antiques market.  So of course, we HAD to go.
 It was such a lovely fall day for walking around outside.

 Oldest Son came along with us.  He didn't find anything, nor did THGGM.
 They both wore bright colored shirts, which made them easy for me to find.

 I bought something from the pig table again!  I bought the pig cookie jar!
 It's starting to look like Fall here.  Especially the red leaves of the poison ivy vines climbing the trees.  Sooo pretty.

The New Fall Schedule

 Three of them go to school all day.  WHEN did this happen?
 Hertsje and Broeder had already left for the day before the older three got here from school.  Their mommy has switched to her Basketball coaching job, so now I will only have Feintsje.  That happened SO fast!  From six kids this summer to only one three year old beginning tomorrow.  Wow.  It is seriously going to feel different over here.

More Story Rocks

Using an extra-fine oil paint Sharpie made SUCH a difference!  Now, I just need a few more ideas.
Feintsje has had so much fun making up stories.  Hopefully a pumpkin, Christmas tree, bowl of popcorn, sailboat, and a rake will help.  And this weekend I used my 40% off Michael's coupon to buy another bag of rocks.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Story Rocks

 Tonight, after a lovely relaxing weekend, I made some story rocks.
 I believe I first saw this on Pinterest.  But last week I saw some at the artisans market.
 The ones I saw there were lovely.  Little works of art, brightly painted.
 So I bought a bag of rocks at Michael's.  They were 60% off.  I already had the pen.
 Tomorrow I shall try them out.  Time will tell if anyone other than myself is interested in these.