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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Wednesday

There is NOTHING like an afternoon coffee break with these two four year olds.

They like to dunk their Steenstra's St. Claus Cookies into milk.

They know a good thing when they taste one.  Or two.

We also spent the afternoon making paper butterflies!  They REALLY got into it, helping me chose the best papers and suggesting which size print would work the best for different size butterflies.
The big ones were made from a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.  I found the directions on Pinterest by searching for Simple Paper Butterflies.  I've made origami butterflies before, but these truly were more SIMPLE.  And now I have a plethora of butterflies all over my house.  But I am NOT complaining!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

She Is At It Again

Over the weekend a delivery arrived at our house.

Me, being me, was most excited about the box it came in!

And the wad of brown paper that was stuffed into it!

On Monday we used the brown paper for a road, a river, and something to run on just to hear the sound it made.

And the box was a doll house, a bed, and a jack-in-the-box!

Today as I was removing it from the living room, I got an idea.

I get those sometimes.

It seemed possible that if I made a few cuts here and there, folded some flaps around, glued down a bit of scrapbook paper, I just might be able to turn it into something for our beloved American Girl dolls.
So I present to you, in horrible lighting as it is in my basement, my attempt at making an American Girl doll lemonade stand.

This was the only picture I could get of the inside of it.  This will need some finishing.  I think Famke will enjoy doing this part, and adding the food and dishes.
It's all cardboard and paper, so who knows how long it will last. but it seems to serve the purpose.  I
cannot tell you how badly I now want to make a beach for her to lie in the sand, and I actually DO have the sand.  But even I know that at some point, I'm just going to have to stop this.
(Maybe.  Maybe I know this.  But then again, maybe not.)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be Nice to the Girl with the Headache

I have a headache today.  After decades of being tormented by migraines, it's been nice to be free of those for awhile.  But, today a headache has found me, so I feel a bit weird and talkative.  Now with that as your warning, I shall ramble on and on about my unique thrift find from yesterday.
Mostly, I was looking for roller blades/skates as a few of the grand kids have taken an interest in that. And, I DID find a pair that looked to be in good shape, and for only $4.00.  That made me happy in that "thrift store find" sort of way.  Then I sauntered over to the antiques section, where I rarely find anything that is my idea of an antique.  And did you see what I found there?!

Oh, I bet YOU see a box of weird vintage-y record coasters.  And of course, you would be correct, as they are exactly as the box states.

Now guess what I saw?

I'm waiting...

Still waiting...

I saw a record collection for the American Girl doll who now lives in a very nice room in my basement!

Do you see it now too?!

Okay, well maybe not.  I'm sure this is just another one of my weird Judy finds.  Truly though, it made me insanely happy to find something that will work so well!  I've already shown them to Famke, and she thought they were cool too!  So, at her next sleepover we shall pick out a wooden box (i have many, many shapes and sizes of small wooden boxes) and see if we can turn it into a record player.  I think we will be able to do that.  Famke is very creative that way.

I just hope she lets me play!

Oh, and just out of curiosity I checked Ebay to see if anyone had a set of these for sale.  I found one.  They were asking $30 MORE than what I paid for the same set.  I did think about selling them, but when I saw that Famke saw them the same way I did, I knew that we would keep them for our dolls.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yawning About Awnings

I know it isn't an interesting topic, but this is what is happening with our awning situation.  The top picture shows the awnings last week, after THGGM painted them a light color with a bright blue stripe.  I didn't like it.  Thankfully, I did not whine nor complain about them, I just stated that I did not like it.  You can like them if YOU want to, but you don't live here, so your vote doesn't count.  I DO live here, and felt that mine should.  But I wasn't given that option.
 Anyway.., THGGM decided on his own that he didn't like it either.  So this morning he painted the blue stripes a brighter maroon than the original color.  I do like this.  This side of the house is ugly.  And since we have lost a very large old maple tree, more of it shows than in the past.  On the bright side, things might actually grow there now.  That would be a plus.  I'm wondering if morning glories would climb all the assorted poles and wires, or is that not a good idea?  My parents had hollyhocks on the south side of their house, but I'm still not sure what I'll try.  Any suggestions? (no, really.  even though you don't live here, i'll take suggestions!)
I'm also thankful that THGGM didn't paint the front awnings until today.  At least he will not have to repaint those!
Where the pile of sand is in the picture above (nothing on blogger is lining up like i want it to) is where the large maple was removed.  THGGM called the city to ask who was responsible for fixing it up.  They said that they were, but there are 500 people in line before us.  Ugh.  This does not help the ugly side of the house.  No.  It does not.  And see the blooms on my magnolia tree?  There are still a few more left to open up, but certainly not the gorgeous showing we were used to.  While driving around today we noticed several other magnolia trees in this same condition.  I know it's just a tree.., sigh...
Anyway.., the awning debacle has been solved without my whining or complaining (to thggm) and I didn't even have to paint a clown mural over the fireplace to prove my point!  Don't you just love it when things work out?!

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Few Pictures of My Littlest Peeps

In case you have been wondering, it's been business as usual around here.  And oh what a BLESSING to be able to play outside again!
Those two kids on the left?  There are times, many times, when they remind me of an old married couple.  They have been together for four years, and know each other very well.

No more chubby baby legs on these kids.

Broeder would like you to know that he now goes potty on the big boy potty.

How did that happen?

Wasn't he just born?

Isn't he the BABY?

Oh, my.
Feintsje is a deep thinker.

He thinks deeply about hockey and baseball.

Those are his favorites.

He wants to be a hockey player who drives a garbage truck.

Hertsje loves her gymnastics class.  She wants to be a princess.  A princess that does gymnastics.  I really like how these pictures came out.  They weren't really great pictures, but I used a new setting at Picmonkey.com, called Silverscreen, and then faded them to about 40%.  That made all the difference.  Of course, my subjects are adorable to me just as they are, but this brought out something, not sure what, that I like.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finds. Some Fun, Some Not So Fun

Last week I caught the bug that the grandchildren had been passing around.

Of course, being the proud grandmother that I am I must brag about their sweetness of sharing everything with me.  Isn't it darling? One hears of so many children these days who do not share, or even take turns.  So rest assured, dear reader, that MY grandchildren do it often, and do it well.

Anyway, so while I was sick and recovering I read more Jane Austen.  I also watched Sense and Sensibility.

And, I noticed a few things around me that needed to be photographed.

See the three new canisters on the bottom shelf of this cabinet?
 I found those three at my local thrift store!  They were part of a larger set, but I settled on these three, and one smaller spice jar.  Sometimes I use the blocks from the block box for my own intents and purposes.  Shh.  Do NOT tell.
This lovely Dresden pitcher was an antique store find, and for a great price.
Charming pictures on BOTH sides!

Presently I have the sweet scene of the child rocking a baby showing.

But, someday I may want to look at the back of two Dutch men, and all I shall have to do is turn it around to do that.

That is a "win/win" in my book.

Over the weekend I found a cute colorful spring floral bush at Michael's for 40% off.

I think it works well here.

If you don't, don't tell me, as I like to maintain my illusions.
This pitcher was also found at my local thrift store.

The flowers were also a Michael's find, but alas, only 30% off. There are times, and causes, for which I will splurge.
It's like nothing else I have, which may seem odd, but I DO have a few other pieces of transfer ware in other colors, so it does SORT OF go with things I already have, if one is willing to use one's imagination.

In other news, THGGM is painting our awnings.  I don't like it.  He loves it.  I was not consulted about the color.  It's a GOOD color, actually my FAVORITE color, but not for awning stripes.

I add this only to show you that my life is not perfect.  I have to put up with a stubborn Dutch guy who thinks he can make important decisions about things like the color of the awning stripes on his own.

But mostly, I am upset about our magnolia tree.  It only has about a dozen blooms on it this year.  I believe this means it is dead, or nearly dead, and this saddens me.  Then last night I found a dead little bunny in our backyard.

I love Spring, but like everything else, it has it's downsides.