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Sunday, January 31, 2016

So, It's the Last Day of January

And all I have is random thoughts.  I'm still not back to my "normal" routine since the week before Christmas.  I love routine.  Until I don't.  My schedule has been different this month, but since it was only for a month and one week I could see no point in getting used to it.  So I never got used to it. Only one more week and then back to the old "normal".  Which really never felt all that normal either.

Confused yet?  I know I am.

Anyway, here we go.

A list of random things that I find particularly annoying tonight:

1.  I hate election years.  And this one especially so.  I want to say "wake me up when it's over" but I'm not that tired.  Aren't there any decent people left?  Sometimes when I hear politicians speak I wonder just how uninformed they believe people to be.  And then I look around me, and start to think that I may be getting tired enough to sleep until about Thanksgiving.  And why, oh WHY is it the election years that always get an extra day?

2.  History is interesting.  You know, in how it tends to repeat itself.  This is a very scary thought to me.

3.  With the help of Google Translate, I've been attempting to keep up with more world news.  And it does seem to me to be true that our news sources are very limiting.  Yet I still watch NBC, because I worry about Richard Engel and want to make sure he is okay in whatever horrible scenario he is reporting from each evening.

4.  Another thing that has me feeling as if my scarf is tightening around my neck (even when i am not wearing a scarf) is how quickly everyone jumps to judgment these days.  There is no deep thinking, gathering of information, or reviewing of solid facts; there is only snap judgments being bandied about.  I'm still not sure how I feel about the Civil War, yet OTHER PEOPLE seem to know just how wrong everyone is about everything, and seem just a teensy bit overconfident in their own opinions about events that happened just a few HOURS ago.   AND THEY WEREN'T EVEN THERE!

5.  So, Famke had a sleep-over with us this weekend.  That was fun.  Except that just when we had dragged out a major load of art supplies I got strangely woozy feeling and had to lie down.  Not sure what that was about, but I spent much of Saturday that way.  Today I feel fine.

6.  And because I felt fine THGGM and I went to a few of our favorite antique shops on Century.  It was raining.  And in the 40's.  In January.  So, it was nice that they are all attached in the same old factory.  THGGM found a pine desk that he liked, but since we are from henceforth participating in "absolutely no unnecessary spending until we die" he did not get to buy it.  And, after all, we are out of places to put things anyway.  I didn't even see anything that tempted me.  That helps.  A LOT.  I did purchase a few bags of white buttons at the thrift store yesterday.  They were necessary to me. You know, because someday I may need to use them in trade.

7.  That brings us to tonight.  Even though I feel much better today, THGGM made dinner.  It was very good.  Now he is watching "Grease" on the TV in the basement.  I would rather chase a greased pig through mud (in the rain!  in January!) than watch it.  I don't have any reason why, it just doesn't sound good to me.  And anyway, I'm feeling rather antisocial and enjoy sitting by myself in my dark living room writing pointless things on my blog.  And I may just play a few games of WordHero on my Kindle which once was lost but now is found and really all I use it for is to play WordHero.  Do you play that?  That is my kind of socializing.  I read taglines.  And, you know, decide to change my entire course of thinking based on someone's demeaning tagline.  My tagline reads, "If anybody asks, I'm not here."  And I score very low at the diamond level.  It bothers me.

8.  For those who have been wondering, I DID get my workroom in my basement cleaned up, AND all of my Christmas stuff put away.  Last year I skipped both of those things, and just left it all laying on my worktable.  This was NOT wise.  No, in no wise wise.  So apparently, I am still capable of getting things done, sometimes it just takes a year longer than it should.

9.  Which reminds me, I have declared (to myself, no one else cares) that February is the NEW January!  This means that I can still resolve to do or not do all of those things that I forgot about resolving to do or not do in January and push it right into February and do or not do them yet!  Isn't that great?  It's great.  Just nod your head already.

10.  That's it.  I'm out of random thoughts.  I'm going to go play WordHero now, and maybe change my entire life based on what some person that I don't even know points out in a tagline.

Good-bye January 2016.

Monday, January 18, 2016

25 Random Things about Me - Reposted from 2009

I've seen this several places, with several different numbers, and I've already played along several times.

But, here I go again.

25 Random Things about Me:

1. I get a thrill out of being boring. It's who I am and what I do. Like, for instance, I made this thing to the right today while I waited for my pictures on my "simplythrift" blog to upload. http://www.simplythrift.blogspot.com/

2. My pulse is consistently 100. This totally blows the theory that all one must do to increase one's metabolism is to raise one's heart rate. This just may be why I always feel that I am in a panic.

3. I still have not purchased a 2009 calendar.

4. Something about me makes me want to stay home. I know. There is a name for this. Presently, I'm not into labels.

5. I've got great ideas for things that THGGM should do. Like, turn the shed in the backyard into a playhouse for Jonge and Famke. He has ideas for things that I should do also, but his ideas do not interest me anymore than mine interest him.

6. During the Y2K scare of '99 while other people were hording food, I was hiding bags of Peanut M&M's around my home. I could not think of anything worse than not having those.

7. My kitchen is a disaster, but my toy closet is neat as a pin. I'm weird like that.

8. I think you can tell more about a person by learning who they keep in their imaginary audience than you can by any other means.

9. My eyes do not cry tears. It's annoying, especially when something gets in my eyes. Famke does not cry tears either.

10. Daughter once attempted to let her cousin out of her very high second story bedroom window using a rope. Thankfully, Youngest Son remembered the rule that I must be reported to if anyone was bleeding, throwing up or could DIE.

11. This same son also reported to me that those two were about to sled off our garage roof into the snow. Although they are both presently 26 years of age I still get slightly nervous when I see the two of them together and feel strangely comforted if Youngest Son is in their midst.

12. One summer I used a cassette tape of our church choir singing a cantata whenever I wanted Oldest Son to play outside. It worked very well.

13. Long ago when I was home schooling Oldest Son and Daughter, sitting around our dining room table in our pajamas with our cat as a center piece, our dog began vomiting under the table. No one even flinched. At that precise moment I realized that we would never be featured on the cover of a home schooling magazine. Or Good Housekeeping, for that matter.

14. My favorite quote of my mother's came from when she was the custodian at our church. I clearly remember her wiping down the stair handrails and saying to no one in particular, "Their hearts might be pure, but their hands sure aren't clean." I think of this often.

15. When I was a little girl my dad put a hook into our old Box Elder Tree so that he could turn the rope while I jumped. And people wonder why it isn't hard at all for me to watch out for him.

16. My side of the bed is extremely messy. And I don't even care.

17. I have trouble with my hands being always numb and tingly. This causes me to drop things. It's a good thing that our couch is the color of coffee with cream.

18. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Apparently, there is still time.

19. I've not quite learned how to deal with the things that have happened to me that I do not believe in.

20. It still know the combination to my locker from 8th grade. 13-43-7

21. If I need to know what letter comes after another in the alphabet, I have to go all the way back to "A" to find out.

22. It's impossible for me to know if I'm having a good time while I am doing something. I have to go home and think about it before I know for sure.

23. On New Year's Day THGGM and I went out for dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and my dad for his 61st anniversary. THGGM turned to me and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know we were dressing up." I whispered back, "I didn't dress up. I just haven't done laundry since Christmas." This pretty much sums up my life.

24. I take one prescription drug. Remember this. Today my dad had a doctor's appointment. I remembered to bring along his list of ten different medicines that THIS doctor prescribes for him. I remembered to bring along the fax number so those prescripts could be sent directly to the mail order pharmacy. I also remembered to have three prescripts called in to the local pharmacy as he was running low on those. Yesterday I called to refill my ONE prescription drug and forgot to pick it up.

25. Last night THGGM put baby booties on our cat. This makes the cat jump around all weird. This is what poor boring people do for fun. The rich and interesting have their travels and adventures, but we have Uncle Barb the dancing cat to brighten up an otherwise quiet Monday evening at home.

Really. If you took the time to read all 25 things about me, you should leave a comment or send me and email at judyh58@aol.com.

And now I shall get back to my happy little life...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kado's First Sleep Over of 2016

 It's time to get back into the swing of things over here.  This weekend it was Kado's turn to have a sleep over.

Apparently, sleep overs are all about tradition, which is fine with me because I rarely vary what I do on the weekend.

So, this morning we headed out to our favorite thrift store, and to Michael's craft store.
 Kado, who is seriously into Lego, found a bag of assorted Lego for a very good price!
 It did not have instructions, but that never holds this boy back.  He has a creative imagination and some particularly great Lego skills.  

He's been at it for 2 1/2 hours.

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE having one on one time with the grandchildren?

I do.

I cannot think of a single thing I would enjoy more.

Monday, January 04, 2016

The Day After the BIG Family Christmas Party

I took a lot of pictures in December and the early days of January.  It will take me some time to sort through them all.
Yesterday we had our BIG family Christmas party, including uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.
I thought I would be exhausted today, but I wasn't! Surprise, surprise.
Maybe it was because these two where so incredibly sweet.  I found them like this after I returned from putting Broeder down for his nap.  They have such an adorable relationship.  I never push anything.  They have their own deeply held interests, one of them is seriously into little cars and trucks.  The other likes tiny dolls with even tinier pets.  But at some point of EVERYDAY that they are together, they find each other for a bit of mutual enjoyment.  Sometimes its using a dump truck to deliver Christmas trees to the tiny dolls.  Other times its sitting side by side playing with clay or silly sand.  These are the times I like to grab my camera and snap away, unnoticed.
I truly do have a wonderful life.  And these little people help to make it so.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Not So Silent Christmas Night

The end of a lovely Christmas day with our family.  Jonge is playing his new football game on their X-Box in the basement.  The other five are all sugared up and going at high speed.  It was  noisy fun day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Ghosts of Christmas Past

THGGM claims that this is his most favorite Christmas decoration.  It is a pillow I made for him around Christmas 30 some years ago.  Daughter has our cat, Dude, behind her.  Oldest Son has his favorite bear and a book, and Youngest Son has his Ernie doll and his blanket.  Those are the clothes they were wearing that day.  Although we didn't have that wallpaper until decades later, or pained windows, or even that large of a tree.  The picture was colored on a plain sheet of paper with fabric crayons and then ironed onto a piece of white fabric and stitched into a pillow with some Christmas theme fabric on the back.
I remember that we made this as a project with some very good friends of ours.  Their mom was homeschooling them and did not consider herself very crafty, so they all came over and we had ourselves some fun!
On Sunday, Daughter sent me a picture she had received from her friend, the daughter of the family.  It was a picture of three little pillow depicting various scenes from the Christmas story.  She had been to her grandma's, who was the recipient of their pillow creations, and saw the three pillows lined up on the back of her grandma's couch, just where she has put them for over 30 years.
Of course, I remember that day we made those.  We lived in a tiny little house in the city.  Quite awhile ago I found this picture at a thrift store.  It took my breath away.  In my mind, this is what that day looked like to me.  Oldest Son in the chair (eventually we had that chair!).  Oh, and DO note the doily on the armrest.  Youngest Son  in bib overalls wishing he were in that chair.  Two girls on the couch.  Daughter with wispy blonde curls and her friend with straight long hair with bangs, reading her a story.  It could have been us.  It took a while, but now we have two fire places.  And three blanket chests.  I gave our rocking chair like that to Youngest Son for his kids.  We had a rocking horse.  We also always had toys all over the floor.  We still do.  Gingerbread boys, wicker baskets, candles, quilts.., not much has changed here.  Except that the children are all in their thirties.
I can only hope that dear to their hearts are the scenes of their childhood when fond recollection presents them to view.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Last night I finished reading Dicken's "A Christmas Carol".  It was like reading it for the very first time.  Or maybe it was the first time I've actually read it, I really can't remember.  I've seen the movie in several different versions, but as everyone knows, NOTHING compares to the book.
Here is a picture from my past.  That is me on the left.  I was two.  The other two are my first friends and cousins, who are three.